January 30, 2016


It all begins when your in school trying to find, fit and acquaint yourself to a new ambience. The very place that they all say defines who you are, at times becomes a place where you travel with a name that is tagged. I was the tall quiet one who belongs to the back bench.  Was that my true personality or I chose to remain under that title. College is always about reinvention, where your true self might be embraced yet it comes with a label.. Mine was Tomboy. The real world tends to take a materialistic stand,  branding becomes a social stigma, simplicity is considered poor and we all agreed to Surf  the complex wave not knowing if once slipped we end up drowning ourselves. Is there an end to this labelling madness? Are we reaching the epitome of social pressure?

February 16, 2011

Bucket list unleashed and still in counting...

This is sort of like my Bucket List if I live through 2010 conspiracy theory. And of course I had to editorialize…

1. Watch a meteor shower
2. Watch a lightning storm at sea
3. Grow your own vegetables – It’s a challenge cos am no good at it
4. See the Mona Lisa in France
5. Hitch hike
6. Build a snow fort - at the least a snow man
7. Run a Marathon
8. Ride in a gondola in Venice – tried at vegas but nothing can be Venice.
9. See a total eclipse
10. Go on a cruise trip.
11. Teach yourself a new language
12. Had enough money to be truly satisfied …a gallon of milk, a full tank of gas, and I’m happy.
13. Sing a karoke in a bar
14. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant …bought a strange meal at a restaurant. Does that count? :P
15. Get all the pages in my passport stamped
16. Walked on a beach by moonlight. Easy one
17. Had your portrait painted
18. Go deep sea fishing …did crabbing
19. Go scuba diving or snorkeling … Snorkeling done ..scuba am guessing it would be more of spluttering and choking .
20. Be in a movie …
21. Start a business
22. Go whale watching - Done
23. See Russia from Little Diomede, Alaska
24. Go flowers for no reason …
25. Donate blood, platelets or plasma
26. Visit Nazi Concentration Camp.
27. Go skinny dipping
28. Fly n a helicopter - Done
29. Visit the taj mahal - I know it’s a shame
30. Pieced a quilt …made pieces for a quilt
31. Stood in Times Square … that can get you arrested these days ;-)
32.Tour the Everglades
33.See the Changing of the Guards in London
34.Be on a speeding motorcycle
35.See the Grand Canyon in person
36.Publish a book
37.Visit the Vatican
38.Walk in Jerusalem
39.Had your picture in the newspaper - Quite close for the wrong reasons
40. Read the entire Bible and bagavad Gita
41.Visited the White House
42.Save someone’s life
43.Sit in a jury
44.Meet someone famous …
45.Float In Dead Sea
46.Read an entire book in one day

November 17, 2010

A Final Dream

Countless nights of unrecalled dreams and turbulent sleep will end its journey invaded by a sulky silence. When all will be been consigned to a cloud of forgetting,the mind still battles down the memory lane. Untying the mortal knot, the gentle soul will breathe a contented sigh of relief and slumbers. While she sleeps, the light continues to build in a world where we live a final dream.

November 15, 2010

When 4 worlds meet

A kind of awkwardness when I first had a conversation 8 months ago that failed to happen during my high school life. A question of acceptance and a curiosity of compatibility is what brought me to SFO after ten years and here I am having one of the best times of my life with this elite group. The oddity blended into a perfect niche to relive those 12 years in 48 hours. Too short but yet can be spoken for the next decade. It was giggles of the past, gossips, night outs and sharing of all those fun and geeky moments. The rendezvous was more close to my heart as I met my BFF after 5 years. Time has played its part and we have taken over it by splurging every minute I am so glad we broke our barriers of the past and took an effort to make it to this reunion. Hope we keep doing this often.

October 29, 2010


I awake this morning with thoughts not born of my mind as much as of my heart. Tender affections rooted up over and over again, packing brought promise or annulment, packing brought hope that maybe this time…, packing heralded the twins of fear and relief and of the saying that would take me nearly another decade to even begin to understand: the more things change the more they stay the same. We would pack and move, with assorted feelings but connections remains stronger when miles never matter. Good Luck sissy and be good.

September 23, 2010

What is wrong with my world?

A bolt to my door is all I need
To shut this world that I have seen
A fragment of thought to empathize
Became a dagger of hurt that feels like ice
The race to reach the life’s mountain top
The pace that will bring this all to a final stop
I want to hide myself from this weirdness crying out loud
And kill the norm which stays as my cloud
A piece of advice that I turn to a few
Blend in and survive is all I hear in lieu.

July 14, 2010

Message in the Mirror

Your Immemorial gesture stays captive on the other side

Your unspoken words remain deceptive and interpretive

I acquaint your faint presence but you turn me alien to my mind

I seek for fathomless peace but you challenge my egoity

Yet I turn to you again for your message is a true cure for my bleed